vhf Z4

4-Axis Dental Milling and Grinding Machine for Wet Processing


  • Wet processing of up to 40 block materials up to 40 mm (composite, plastic, glass ceramic, zirconium oxide, Titanium)
  • Over 800 prefab titanium abutments as well as milling of screw channels possible
  • 4 axes
  • Automatic tool changer for 6 tools
  • Integrated workflow with exocad and 3Shape as well as unlimited possibilities with an open STL workflow
  • milling and grinding in Ultra-HD with 3µm repeatability
  • rapid production within 10 minutes
  • Tool-less block clamping in 2 seconds
  • Electric high frequency spindle with 100,000 rpm
  • clean water operation, except for titanium machining
  • Self-opening work area door and drawer
  • Integrated PC with touch screen and WLAN
  • built-in compressor
  • incl. CAM software
  • open system



33.800,00 €
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