BiSS Update to Version 5.0

BiSS Dental Software Suite

Update will be performed as of 01.02.2023

  • updatee to 5.0 if BISS is available (version 4.10.6 or older)
  • automatic upgrade to Premium Business (info can be found here)
  • incl. PUZZLE for 3 months

What's New?

  • 30% faster due to new source code
  • PUZZLE compatibility (basis for new iAW workflow)
  • ergonomic buttons for clearer working
  • high resolution quality of labels
  • PRINT: virtual articulator provides visual support
  • PRINT: data can repair waterproof
  • PRINT: boolean operation for components
  • PRINT: rescale data
  • PRINT: export edited extra components individually
  • PRINT: adjusted 3-point support is remembered for the next project
  • PRINT: expose stumps
  • PRINT: automatic labeling in iAD mode
  • PRINT: i-Tero & 3-shape articulator connections
  • PRINT: labels are repositioned after socket adjustment for implant models
  • PRINT: base & hollowing activity is saved for next project
  • PRINT: new integrated Baumann pedestal plate
  • MILLING: Integrate analogs in a milling model
  • it is possible to load "broken" mashes with duplicated triangles to increase scan usability
  • New mash management ensures fewer bugs and smoother operation
  • memory overload is prevented by new background mechanism
  • Memory location is remembered
  • TRAYS: improved spoon edge determination
  • TRAYS: bite fork interface
  • TRAYS+LOCATE: color of bucket or base individually adjustable for a visually more pleasant work
  • TRAYS+LOCATE: adjustable transparency of the tray/base
  • LOCATE: cross-section function
  • LOCATE: higher support pin hole envelope
  • LOCATE: height-adjustable support pin stop

With PUZZLE from IO Scans to the finished 3D print file. Fully automated.

  •  auto-File-Collect
  • auto-Design
  • auto-Nesting
  • automatically cut e& socketed models
  • automatic 3-point support
  • automatically created label
  • automatic hollowing
  • individual creation of die parameters per printer created. Stumps are automatically adjusted.*
  • ready models can be adapted individually afterwards
  • immediate competent work possible, as can be operated without skilled personnel
  • upward scalable without order volume limit
  • compatible with any printer
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149,00 €
excl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
  • Delivery time: 1 - 2 Workdays (Other countries)