SIMPLEX 3D Filament Printer

3D Filament Printer

The SIMPLEX is a dental-specific 3D filament printer. With the slicer software specially developed for the dental field, you can print models easily and reliably via "Plug and Print", which are also safe for your health. The SIMPLEX 3D filament printer system covers the entire range of orthodontic model production. With its high dimensional accuracy, the SIMPLEX 3D filament printer ensures consistently reproducible results. The 3D models produced do not require any post-processing.

  • SIMPLEX consisting of: SIMPLEX 3D filament printer, SIMPLEX sliceware, SIMPLEX print, SIMPLEX study model, Renfert CONNECT app.
  • Process reliability thanks to filament monitoring system and automated troubleshooting
  • Intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • Safety thanks to closed installation space, lockable door and removable cover
  • Heatable print bed: optimum adhesion and easy cleaning
  • Easy handling due to removable print platform
  • WLAN (currently EU and USA) for print monitoring
  • Working with filaments that are harmless to health


  • Easy to operate thanks to "Plug and Print"
  • Detailed results thanks to layer resolution up to 50 µm
  • Comfortable working with low noise ≤ 49 dB


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