DentalDB incl. Dentalshare

Stand-Alone License with term limitation

Stay flexible and rent stand-alone DentalDB.

It will allow you to cost-effectively capture patient cases, connect to a shared database and/or dentalshare. You can use DentalDB as an in-house production center, i.e. scan-and-send and receive-and-CAM with stand-alone modules. You can activate and run several stand-alone modules with one DentalDB license. To activate a stand-alone module, DentalDB must always be purchased as a base*


Stand-Alone Module

  • PartialCAD Module
  • FullDenture Module
  • Model Creator
  • Model Creator with Implant Analogs
  • Smile Creator with TruSmile Module
  • Bite Splint Module with Virtual Articulator
  • Nesting


Optionally extendable: Annual license from the 2nd year



* Stand-alone modules do not require purchase of the DentalCAD Core version and can be operated separately. ATTENTION: It is not possible to run a DentalCAD dongle and a DentalDB dongle with a standalone module on the same PC at the same time. The runtime of each add-on module to the DentalCAD/DentalDB Flex license is synchronized with the runtime of the respective dongle.This means that when a DentalCAD/DentalDB Flex license expires, all associated add-on modules also expire, regardless of when they were purchased. Additional modules activated during the contract term are therefore only charged on a pro rata basis.

90,00 €
excl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs