DentalCAD Perpetual License PartialCAD Module

Digitales Design of Model Cast Dentures*

Use innovative design and customization features for meshes, main connectors, clasps, lower tongue bars, and finish lines to design high-quality model casting dentures.



Optionally available: Upgrade contract from the 2nd year**


*The runtime of each add-on module to DentalCAD is synchronized with the runtime of the respective dongle.
  This means that when a DentalCAD expires, all associated add-on modules also expire, regardless of when they were purchased. Add-on modules that are activated during the contract period are therefore only charged on a prorated Basis.

  Only as add-on for

  • DentalCAD Core Lab Version
  • DentalCAD Advanced Lab Bundle
  • DentalCAD Implant Lab Bundle



** Upgrade contracts for exocad DentalCAD are only available as a complete package consisting of the core version/bundle and its add-on modules (upgrades cannot be selected module by module. The subsequent purchase/activation of additional modules does not extend the free upgrade period. Add-on modules activated at the time of upgrade contract purchase will increase the total upgrade contract cost according to their individual upgrade Price.

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