iTero Element 5D lite, Cart-Konfiguration

Cart Variation

The most advanved intraoral scanner to date that supports the detection of proximal caries. It is the first hybrid dental imaging system to simultaneously record 3D, intraoral Color and NIRI images - instead of purchasing multiple devices and repeated sterilization. With the iTero™ timeLapse technology, you can better engage your patients by visualizing or orthodontic comparisons.

  •  Intraoral scanner with near-infrared imaging Technology (NIRI) that scans the internal structure of a tooth (enamel & dentin) in real time.

  • First integrated dental imaging System that simultaneously records 3D, intraoral Color and NIRI and enables temporal comparison with iTero TimeLapse.

  • The NIRI technology of the iTero Element® 5D system helps detect and monitor interproximal caries lesions over the gingiva without the use of harmful radiation.

  •  New web-based interface complements the visualization of the iTero Element 5D system.

  • Direct dentist/lab workflow automatically sends the scan to a lab of choice.


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