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DGSHAPE DWX-52DCi: 5-axis dental milling unit with blank changer
Switch on the device and be amazed by the automated manufacturing process. The device is equipped with a 6-station automatic material disc changer, a 15-station automatic tool changer, intelligent tool control, automatic maintenance and other automated functions. You can mill a variety of restorations with the DWX-52Ci, such as crowns, copings, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, abutments, implant bars, screw-retained crowns, digital prostheses, models, surgical guides and splints. The DWX-52Ci offers users of all experience levels a particularly powerful, efficient and cost-effective dental milling unit.
•Dry processing of zirconia, PMMA, wax, composite, PEEK, plaster, sintered metal
•Automatic blank changer with 6 compartments (ARW)
•15 Station Automatic Tool Changer (AWW)
•LED status indicator
•5-axis milling
•Automatic compressed air system
•New intuitive milling production measurement software (DWINDEX)
•Easily interchangeable spindle
•easy handling
•Multi-device connectivity
•open CAM connection
•Reliable, unattended milling
•Highest clinical standards
•For 98.5 mm discs or blocks
• Inspection and test milling possible at any time
DS-CAM V5: 5-axis CAM software for dental milling machines
•Control up to 64 machines with one license
•Automatic license update
•Automatic CAM version updates
•Multithreading capable
•Calculation moved to the background, allows to edit and calculate several projects at the same time, as well as further processing (AV, create projects, nesting) while other projects are calculating
•Supported import formats from CAM5-Ivoclar
• Creation of multi-blank (multiple blank)
•Fast access through a database when selecting blanks
• Manufacturer-specific disk & block materials stored
• Possibility to process ZrO & PMMA blocks
•Material groups expanded for better assignment
•Job types expanded
•Distinction between Disk & Holder projects enables new processes
•Nesting possible directly from AV
•Optimized blank selection for jobs
•Fast & simplified strategy changes, such as interfaces that can be controlled directly via the material, higher possible deliveries or distinctions between disk, block, preform strategies or OEM tools, strategies and user-defined
•Improved workflow of the preface-premill-preform-prefabs, i.e. new preform systems, manual assignment and other supported preform holders (Medentika, Nt-Trading, DentalDirekt, DESS holder and Zfx)
• CAM-side measurement of the preform holders by milling Dental-Softworks' own test bodies
• support full dentures (Digital-Denture (Ivoclar) & Baltic-Denture System (Merz))


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